The books

To date there are four… maybe five.  Best-sellers every one.  Okay – perhaps there’s a touch of hyperbole in there somewhere.

The most current novel is The Clearing, published originally by Exhibit A in October/November 2013.  That publisher shuttered its thriller imprint a year later, so the book was somewhat widowed.  Fortunately, In February of 2015, Diversion Books picked up the rights to the novel, and it’s being release under a new cover – and with new editorial direction – in March of 2016.

I’ll be continuing to work at getting the word out; perhaps one of the hardest parts of being a first-timer.  The Clearing is a novel about going back to your roots, back to a time and place that formed you.  It’s about what pushes us, what compels us to dip into the dark reaches of our histories and memories, and confront the things that have been waiting there for so long.



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A blog by Dan Newman

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