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Time… How quietly it slips by.

I just had one of those moments when you look up and realize that decades have snuck by.

A childhood friend of mine posted a bunch of photos on Facebook – photos of OJ Simpson, Sophia Loren, James Coburn and others – when they were on St. Lucia filming the movie FIREPOWER in the late 70s.  As kids growing up there we watched a lot of the filming that went on – it was a big deal on an island that had yet to be fully discovered by mainstream tourism.

I remember clearly a scene they shot where they blew up a large radio controlled helicopter over the water at one of beaches, and as soon as they called “cut”, a swarm of us kids charged into the water to collect the bits. FP

Thinking about that is nostalgic, sure, but what really drove it home was when I Googled the poster that went with the movie.  When I saw it I was instantly transported to the late 70s.  The poster is hand drawn and filled with little vignettes and moments from the movie – it carries such a distinctive feel, almost indescribable, but something that everyone who went to the movies back then can instantly relate to.

As soon as I saw the poster I had this wonderful rush of childhood memories, followed closely by the terrifying reality that watching FIREPOWER get made was something I did in 1979… 37 years ago.

Sheesh.  I guess some time slipped by there when I wasn’t looking.



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