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This One Is Buy The Book…

There’s a lot going on now with the run up to the Diversion Books release of The Clearing this April.  Three interesting things to share…  One: the Pre-Order utility was released by my publisher, Diversion Books.

Two: a nice box-O’-books arrived for me from said publisher…


and three: the trailer is now live!

Check out the pre-order Ganxy form, and if you’re planning to pick up (or download) a copy, please feel free to click the link provided – and if the urge strikes you, go ahead and share the link with whomever you see fit.  (No, really…  go ahead!)

Also, do check out the trailer and let me know what you think.  It’s new territory, but I like the creepy vibe they achieved. (And a thousand thanks-yous to Darren at 5Gear!)




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A blog by Dan Newman