If you’d like to shoot me a note, please do.  Use the form below.
If you’d like to reach my agent, please do that, too.  Her name is Carrie Pestritto, and she’s, well, fabulous.  You can reach her via The Prospect Agency, or check out her blog here.

You can also click here to check out the website for my thriller, The Clearing.


6 responses to “Contact

  • Ella Ann Segriff

    Dan, I am so VERY PROUD of you and your accomplishments.
    Really looking forward to seeing your book.

  • Ashani Weeraratna

    Dan- you probably don’t remember me, but I have the cutest picture of you hoisting me on your shoulders at my 10th birthday (you must have been 20 or so) in Lesotho. How fun to see that you’ve become a successful author- i can’t wait to read your books!
    Ashani (Tino’s little sister)

    • Dan Newman

      How are you! And I do remember that little girl… but where did she go? Seems the guy in the mirror is a different fellow, too! (And I would love to see that photo…) Looks like you are well established in acedemia – very exciting and even more impressive. And thanks for the comments re. the writing. Very much enjoying it. How’s the family? I haven’t seen anyone from those Lesotho days in what feels like a lifetime. I’ll have to get back there some time… Cheers for now! Dan.

  • Meghan Masterson

    Hello Dan. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I nominated you for The Leibster Award. You can check it out here:

  • Kev Townsend

    Very much like Ashani, my sister Penny and I have some great pics of you (and Matt) at the house on the point in Castries many moons ago. We loved our 6 week stint in paradise and have since followed fire engines, sport shops and now bookshops for any signs and news. Success!

    Congratulations on this first blockbuster and I look forward to the subsequent launch and signing here in London. Are the film rights available?
    Good Luck

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A blog by Dan Newman

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