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I, Druid.

I don’t have one of those fancy BBQs – you know the ones I mean: chrome that can sear your eyes, a zillion burners, a rotisserie, a warming tray, built in GPS and of course a cup holder – one of three at least.  No.  Mine is annual.  And by that I mean it lasts a year.  Then the bottom rusts out, the burners clog and the grill can leave those yummy grill marks on the meat even when its off… and let’s face it – rust just isn’t that tasty.


Not the BBQ you’ll find at my house.

And because I subscribe to the annual BBQ approach, I also have the pre-summertime ritual of “the build”.  Yes – that’s right, exactly like the Druids of old.  It’s spring now, so I’m facing the build once again.  And after about 15 years of the this cycle, I almost have enough parts – left over from prior builds (they’re spares, right??) – to go ahead and build a new one without lugging another BBQ box home from the store…

All of this is to say that it appears spring is almost here – real spring, not calendar spring – and despite last night’s snowfall, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

So now it’s just a quick stop for some cold beer and a disposable BBQ… and then like so many other backyard Druids around the country, we’ll let the annual rites and rituals of spring begin.


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A blog by Dan Newman