And With the Shadow People Be

Well, here we are.

With the demise of Exhibit A Books – the publisher of my novel The Clearing – a number of other things fell apart, too. Like the second book in the two-book-deal.  Along with that went another piece of work – a novella that was a kind of companion piece to The Clearing – it told another part of what happened on that island, a part that never made it into the novel.Shadow People_small

As some of you know, large and creepy chunks of The Clearing actually happened, as is the case for a core element of my novella And With the Shadow People BeThat novella, incidentally, is available now on Amazon.  (Please allow me to plug it here.)  It deals with the existence of a creature – or creatures to be precise – that have inhabited the swamps of that island for generations.  Are they real?  In a word: Yes.  I know.  I’ve seen them.  And they scared the shit out of me.

The novella is self published – something  I’ve never tried before – so I’ll let you be the judge of how successful a pathway that is.  I wanted to make the novella available for free,  but the overlords at Amazon won’t allow that, so it’s set for the minimum 99 cents… (I’m ordering my bright red Porsche right after I finish writing this).

If you do happen to check it out, please let me know – I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And if you never got around to reading The Clearing but thought about it, consider And With the Shadow People Be.  It’ll give you a taste of what the novel has in store.



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