Well… that kind of sucked.

There’s been quite a gulf between my last post and this one, I know.  But I’ve been somewhat preoccupied.

As you may or may not already know, Angry Robot closed a number of their imprints, including Exhibit A – which was the imprint that published my novel The Clearing, and was slated to publish my second book, The Journalist. No imprint means no second book – at least not through Exhibit A.  And yes, that kind of sucks.

But there’s a healthy lesson in there, too: For those of you still chasing your first publication, please hear this: the book business is indeed a business.

Okay, that sounds pretty logical. Pretty self evident. But until you’re actually in that business, it’s easy to see it all as some elegant, wondrous ball you’ll eventually be invited to… and parts of it are pretty wondrous. However, you do need to keep a clear line of sight to the fact that it is a business, and like every other business, the people who populate it are making a living – and making Cdecisions to facilitate that living. Specifically why Angry Robot closed Exhibit A is a question most of will never have answered (although fellow Ex A scribe and author of the excellent novel Courier, Terry Irving, had a pretty damn astute perspective at: http://getmerewrite.me/2014/06/21/a-bit-of-light-in-the-bullsht-storm-over-exhibit-a-and-strange-chemistry/), but it’s a good reminder that publishing is, at its heart, an economic activity.

So am I disappointed that Exhibit A was shuttered?  Yeah. Very. I was really looking forward to getting The Journalist into the market – it’s a book I absolutely believe in.  Is it the end of the world?  Nope.  It’s just the end of that particular road.  But there are others.  And some of them are highways.  Hell, some are speed-limit-free autobahns.  So who knows what’s next.

In the mean time I’m finishing up another edit to The Journalist, and then it’s back into Submission Land with my (rather awesome) agent Carrie Pestritto.  I’ve also finished the sequel to The Clearing, so for those of you who read and enjoyed the original (and thank-you to everyone who did read it, by the way) rest assured the fates of Ma Joop, Augustine, Nate Mason and Smiley have all been decided.  Maybe one day that novel (An Echo in the Clearing) will find itself a home.

But until then I’ll just keep torturing my keyboard.




2 responses to “Well… that kind of sucked.

  • jeffo

    Yeah, Dan, that news about Exhibit A pretty much sucked.

    Lots of people seem to forget that this is a business, and they also forget the purpose of business is to…make money. No money, no business, plain and simple.

    Here’s hoping Carrie can find a new home for your titles, and fast.

  • Meghan Masterson

    I was sorry to hear this news as well.But I am certain that your books find a great new home soon! I’m glad there is more to read about Nate and co!

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