Dog gone it.

So nature, as I mentioned in my last post, won’t be rushed.  It appears it also won’t be predicted.

Long story short: the breeder called and said “no puppies.”  My response was both intellectual and well considered.  I said “Huh?”

To which she replied: “false pregnancy.”

Sheesh.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Anyway, it appears dogs can have this happen, and it’s not all that rare.  They exhibit all the signs of being pregnant, save one: actual puppies.

Anyway, the puppy-born-on-your-kids-birthday wonderment never materialized, but fortune smiled on us in the end – because we found another breeder with chocolate labs that had the original family back out at the last minute – and her li’l fellas were already born… so we’re set – and we’ll get him even sooner than we would have with the original breeder: “Rolo” will arrive December 17th.

Not sure which one is ours, but here’s a picture of him and his original crew.

Funny how life works.



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A blog by Dan Newman

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