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Sir Richard: Part II, or Why Twitter Can Be Just Amazing

(…further to my last post, below, “Sir Richard”…)

Well, among many outstanding performances, the man played Santa Clause about as convincingly as it can be done.  And it is Christmas, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… but last night, I had a reply from Lord Richard Attenborough on

(Quick side note – I think I am wrong with the “Sir” part – I believe the correct title is Lord. And the man earned it in full, so I’ll correct that now.)

Anyway, just thrilled that he responded – and with all the elegance you’d expect from a man like this.

It made my day.

Thank you, Lord Dickie.

Check it out here:



Sir Richard.

Do you know any honest-to-goodness celebrities?  I’ve had very, very few encounters with that stratospheric set, in fact, almost none.


I do have one encounter, and it’s been something I’ve thought about for many years, because I would dearly love to meet this person again and see if they remember me.  I know, that sounds odd and fairly conceited.  After all, why should a celeb remember little ol’ me?  Well, there is a reason…

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Dog gone it.

So nature, as I mentioned in my last post, won’t be rushed.  It appears it also won’t be predicted.

Long story short: the breeder called and said “no puppies.”  My response was both intellectual and well considered.  I said “Huh?”

To which she replied: “false pregnancy.”

Sheesh.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Anyway, it appears dogs can have this happen, and it’s not all that rare.  They exhibit all the signs of being pregnant, save one: actual puppies.

Anyway, the puppy-born-on-your-kids-birthday wonderment never materialized, but fortune smiled on us in the end – because we found another breeder with chocolate labs that had the original family back out at the last minute – and her li’l fellas were already born… so we’re set – and we’ll get him even sooner than we would have with the original breeder: “Rolo” will arrive December 17th.

Not sure which one is ours, but here’s a picture of him and his original crew.

Funny how life works.


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