The Dog

Growing up we moved a lot. My father worked in international development, so we lived in spans of three years here, four years there. We always had dogs, as I recall, and moving on was tough. We always made sure the dogs had a good home to go to, but it still felt like a betrayal of sorts.

Fast forward 30 years.

My son turns 12 tomorrow, and he’s wanted a dog for as long as he could say the word.  But I’ve resisted: There’s walking it in winter. There’s hair. There’s scratches to the hardwood.   And there’s poop.  Lots and lots of poop.  But recently I’ve had a softening of the heart, and we’re gearing up to meet the newest member of the family. We went to a breeder, asked what was on its way, and now we’re waiting.lab

By sheer coincidence, it appears the dog – a chocolate brown lab puppy – will be born tomorrow. It was supposed to be today, but nature being what it is, it won’t be rushed. So now my son’s dog is set to be born, yep, on my son’s birthday.

I just think that’s all kinds of cool.

6 responses to “The Dog

  • jeffo

    Interesting coincidence. When will you actually be able to bring the pup home? The wait from tomorrow to then may be even harder!

  • Dan Newman

    Comes home on the 16th of Jan…. but I suspect you’re right: weeks of torture directly ahead!

  • Debbish

    I grew up with dogs as well but have been pet-free since adulthood. I’ve occasionally contemplated getting a cat over the years (I’ve lived in apartments and dogs wouldn’t be an option) but I worry about the stuff you mention (cleaning up after them) and being labelled that crazy cat lady.

    Guess your son will have a month or so to plan for his new arrival, which sounds kinda fun (the lead-up etc).

  • Michele

    This new addition will bring many many funny and memorable moments in months and years to come. Trust me as the owner of a most adorable black lab whom we got at 12 weeks the first year was a challenge but stay the course and crate train right from the get go! Trust me on this one! We are now past the 2 year mark and things are starting to mellow a little…. : )

  • Dan Newman

    Two years?? AAARGH! 🙂

    So looking forward to it!

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