Um… so now what?

Okay. So the book is out. Launch was all kinds of fun. Reviews are pretty good. Getting a nice little blog tour underway. But…. now what?

It’s a strange little lull here now, like a day out in a sailboat when there is a sudden calm and all you can do is wait there with that tiller arm sitting limply in your hand. (oh yes, that’s a metaphor…) And I find myself wondering: what now? The good news is that I still have the novel I was working on before all the frenetic launch activity, and I can finally get back to that – but it’s amazing how quickly I get the sense that I’m abandoning The Clearing.  Off you go into the world, my little chum.  Off you go.finished

But such is the nature of progress and forward momentum.

So I’m curious – how do you handle the end of a project? – and it doesn’t matter if it’s published or not, because it’s the end of something, regardless. And with writing, for me it feels more like I’m simply abandoning it (because you can edit and tinker forever), rather than consciously saying, yes, this is now complete.

One response to “Um… so now what?

  • jeffo

    I don’t know. I guess I just hit a point where it’s time to move on. Either it’s out in the world like yours is, or there’s just something new to work on that consumes more and more of my mind. And I’m happy to say I’m approaching that point now on my project.

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