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The Dog

Growing up we moved a lot. My father worked in international development, so we lived in spans of three years here, four years there. We always had dogs, as I recall, and moving on was tough. We always made sure the dogs had a good home to go to, but it still felt like a betrayal of sorts.

Fast forward 30 years.

My son turns 12 tomorrow, and he’s wanted a dog for as long as he could say the word.  But I’ve resisted: There’s walking it in winter. There’s hair. There’s scratches to the hardwood.   And there’s poop.  Lots and lots of poop.  But recently I’ve had a softening of the heart, and we’re gearing up to meet the newest member of the family. We went to a breeder, asked what was on its way, and now we’re waiting.lab

By sheer coincidence, it appears the dog – a chocolate brown lab puppy – will be born tomorrow. It was supposed to be today, but nature being what it is, it won’t be rushed. So now my son’s dog is set to be born, yep, on my son’s birthday.

I just think that’s all kinds of cool.


Um… so now what?

Okay. So the book is out. Launch was all kinds of fun. Reviews are pretty good. Getting a nice little blog tour underway. But…. now what?

It’s a strange little lull here now, like a day out in a sailboat when there is a sudden calm and all you can do is wait there with that tiller arm sitting limply in your hand. (oh yes, that’s a metaphor…) And I find myself wondering: what now? The good news is that I still have the novel I was working on before all the frenetic launch activity, and I can finally get back to that – but it’s amazing how quickly I get the sense that I’m abandoning The Clearing.  Off you go into the world, my little chum.  Off you go.finished

But such is the nature of progress and forward momentum.

So I’m curious – how do you handle the end of a project? – and it doesn’t matter if it’s published or not, because it’s the end of something, regardless. And with writing, for me it feels more like I’m simply abandoning it (because you can edit and tinker forever), rather than consciously saying, yes, this is now complete.

Guest blogging…

Okay, one of the (very few) perks that I’ve discovered since being published is getting invited to be a guest blogger on a number of sites. I’ve done a couple so far, and I have to say it’s great fun — not to mention incredibly useful for a relative newcomer trying to get the word out about the book. I’ve a whole bunch coming out soon, a full blog tour (which is the digital equivalent of a book tour), so thanks to all those folks who have asked me to be part of their digital worlds – I really do appreciate it.

Here’s one that came out today at My Bookish Ways (thanks Kristin!)

Launching The Clearing

I’ve done a few intimidating things in my life: I’ve been circled by a tiger shark while diving the Great Barrier Reef; I’ve hitchhiked through the Karoo desert without any water; I’ve even stood in front of a dart board while my older brother threw darts and tried to ring them around my head.

But I’ve never done anything quite so intimidating as speak at my own first book launch.

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