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Sometimes a tune just getsya

It’s unlikely you know this, but I’m deaf in one ear. Manufacturers defect, no warranty. Continue reading


ARC cover …out now!

Another big day. … The cover art for The Clearing was issued today – well, the cover art for the Advanced Reader Copy, anyway. It’s very close to the final version, as I understand it, with a tweak here and there.  I have to say, I do love the artwork, and the publisher has done a great job of capturing the mood of the story.

I’m also busy putting together the details around the launch, which is fast becoming a terrifying proposition.  As it turns out, the book being published means people might actually read the thing – a prospect I hadn’t thought about much in the years leading up to all this.  Hmm…

Am I complaining? Well, no.  Am I soiling my tighty-whities?  Perhaps just a smidge.

Clearing ARC wide

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