Yes, even I can get an award…

Meghan Masterson recently bestowed upon me the Liebster Award, and without my knowing anything about the award itself, I immediately began hi-fiving strangers and pumping my fist because my clear genius had, at long last, been formally recognized…

Ahem.  It seems I may have over-reacted.

But what’s that you say?  Who is Meghan Masterson?  And what is the Liebster award?  And best of all, who the f*&^ is Dan Newman?

Fair questions all.

First up, Meghan.  Save the name.  Write it down.  Stitch it into your underpants if you have to.  I have it on good authority that Meghan Masterson is set to be a luminary of the literary scene.  You see, I have an “in” with a literary wunderkind in NYC, a talent scout like nol other.  And if that person says Meghan is the real deal, then Meghan is most definitely the real deal.  (  Acquisition editors be warned: snap her stuff up now ‘fore it gets too ‘spensive.  Why am I suddenly speaking in clipped English?  No idea.  Moving on.

Next – the Liebster award.  Meghan put me onto this.  It’s a crazy good idea to get folks reading blogs more widely, and to find out a bit more about the bloggers themselves.  I am in debt to Meghan for tapping me, and as such she’s one of my recommended reads… of which the Award asks me to list 11.  It also asks me to answer a series of questions, which I shall here.  And hopefully that (partly) answers question 3:  Who is Dan Newman.

So here are the 11 questions – and answers – as posed by the terrifically talented Meghan Masterson:

1.  What is your most random talent?

I can count to ten.  Just like that.  And I get ’em right every time, too.  It’s a gift, I tell you.  A gift.

2.  You’ve been offered a chance to go to the moon. Do you accept?

Nope.  Nuh uh.  I’ve seen that movie.  There are monsters up there.

3.  What is the most memorable book you have read this year?

It’s a re-read (does that count?)  Anyway, it’s A Dry White Season by Andre Brink.  Love that book.  Find it.  Buy it.  Read it.  Then send me an email and say “dang, you were right!”

4.  Do you have a favourite word that you overuse, or wish you had opportunity to use more often?


5.  What is your favourite season, and why?

I’d have to say fall, but only on a stinking hot and sweaty, humid July day.  Can’t wait for  that cool good-sleeping weather.  Of course, in the fall it’s gotta be winter for me…  but only for about the first ten minutes or so of the first snowfall.  That crap has to be shovelled.  So in winter it’s spring for sure.  Yeah, spring.  You know…  no more shovelling.  But of course, once spring is here, bring on summer: BBQ, cold beer…  Does that cover it?

6.  If you could see any band/artist in concert, from any time period, and meet them afterword, who would it be?

Pink Floyd, during The Wall tour.  Roger Waters is a legend and should be given the Stalin treatment upon expiry.  (hmm, on second thoughts, that’s kinda creepy.)

7.  What was your favourite childhood movie?

Enter the Dragon.  As a kid growing up in the Caribbean, we’d go to Saturday morning matinees and the entire audience of 11-year-old’s would get up and throw kicks and punches along with Bruce.  Magical (and slightly bruising) memory.

8.  Let’s say you have invented a time machine. Where do you go first?

Back to last week with the lottery results in my hand.

9.  Would you rather do a speech in front of a hundred people, or go to the dentist for a root canal?

The speech.  My plan doesn’t cover the damn crown.

10.  If you could shift into any kind of animal, which one would you try first?

Mike Tyson

11.  If you suddenly needed three hours less sleep than normal, what would you do with those extra three hours?

Sleep – that’s the most luxurious thing in the world: sleeping when you don’t actually need it.

Alright – that’s it for me.  I will be nominating 11 bloggers for the award myself, and will be reaching out to them all soon.  And so for you eleven, here is the list of questions for your perusal:

1. What scares the paste out of you?

2. Do you know anyone famous?  And if not, who would you like to know?

3. What determines the “throw ’em out” date for your underpants?

4. Name the most influential teacher in your past and why.

5. Which is worse: men with creepily long nails, or women who put on lipstick waaaaaay past the lip border?

6. Best TV show ever? (And the correct answer, FYI, is Magnum PI, but go ahead and tell me yours anyway.)

7. Beer or wine?

8. Would you reach into the bowl of a public toilet to retrieve a $5 bill?

9. Have you seen a ghost?

10. What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

11. When was the last time you did something genuinely nice for someone for no other reason than to do it?  Tell us what it was.  (and thanks for doing it!)

There it is.  Cheers!

2 responses to “Yes, even I can get an award…

  • Meghan Masterson

    When I heard about the Leibster, I did some fist pumps too! I admit, I was a little disappointed when I found out there was no shiny trophy, but getting to discover new blogs and read the answers to all the questions is much better, and I don’t have to dust them off periodically.

    You’re the only one of my nominees that I know of who answered the time machine question with going back for the lottery numbers. I think that means you are a devious genius.

    Love the 11 questions you came up with! Some of them are tough (number 5!). I’m going to have to think about it for a bit.

  • jeffo

    Mike Tyson–good one!

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