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No, we don’t do that.

In my blind and stumbling journey to publication of my novel The Clearing, one of the waypoints is the book launch. I’m looking at all the options, reading how others have done it, and generally trying to get myself as well infored as I can.  My publisher is on the other side of the world, so I’m kind of on my own for this one.  Part of my research meant speaking to the manager of a large, big-box book store, whose name is not really important. Continue reading


Duck conspiracy

Okay, this is admittedly a little strange.

Perhaps it’s the Corona’s speaking, but the lawn’s cut and I figure I’m entitled to a couple of them. They seem to go better as a pair.

Anyway, here’s the thing. My son, who’s eleven, walks up to me and says, “dad, did you know that ducks are all walking around trying to pass themselves off as dogs?” Continue reading

The Doubting Writer

A blog by Dan Newman


A blog by Dan Newman