Vacation frustration

There is no faster week on the planet than the one where you’re on vacation.

I just returned from a week in Mexico, where the sun and sand and cold beverages were plentiful – yet the week itself was somehow less so.  By day three I’d forgotten about work, which was nice.  However, by day five I’d remembered it again, because by day six I needed to start worrying about all the stuff I’d pushed to the side of my desk saying “I’ll deal with that when I get back”. Needless to say day seven had some email browsing in it.

It ain’t fair, I tell you. It just ain’t fair.

I think holidays should come with a legislated buffer – a three day cushion either side of the five you book off, legislated by the government and enshrined as a right. Perhaps even added as commandment number 11: thou shalt relax properly on thy holiday using these glorious days we have surrounded it withsandAnd while I’m at it, I believe we should all have email accounts that shut their doors tight while we’re on holiday, pushing back the message to the sender with a note that says “your email has NOT been delivered.  Please contact person X when he’s back in the office on Octember the eleventeenth.”

Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Jeez.  I need a holiday.

One response to “Vacation frustration

  • jeffo

    Isn’t that the sad thing? Just as you’re finally able to forget all the crud you’re leaving behind, it’s time to start thinking about the crud that will be waiting. Well, I’m glad you managed to get a little bit of time to enjoy the moment. Welcome back!

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