Wow… a whole month went by.

Keeping a blog alive and well is, it turns out, pretty damn tough to do. Between getting into Twitter, a significant edit to The Clearing and a hard push on my latest, a whole month (and then some) managed to slip by.

I follow a number of bloggers – passively – and I have to say that I am blown away at the regularity with which they post.  It’s practically a job unto itself, and those who can do it and still manage to maintain some semblance of a life (I assume!), earn a tip of my hat.

As for my own update, I’m closely following the escapades of my fellow scribes over at Exhibit A, and it’s very exciting to watch. It’s a new imprint and every book released carries a significant responsibility.  The reviews on the latest releases are strong, and with every one my own apprehension grows. It’s a funny thing: now that my novel is finally in the queue for publishing, it dawns on me that folks might actually read it… and have their say. scared

When you’re struggling away for years trying to get someone to pay attention, the threat of people actually reading the damn thing is far, far away.  You never actually think about it.  But today, its close; a few months. So yes, I’m excited. But if you check my briefs you’ll likely find I’ve shat myself, too.

Anyway, I’ll try to emulate those productive bloggers out there, and get to a more regular  cadence.  But if I can’t, bear in mind that my excuse will probably have something to do with smelly, squishy shorts.

2 responses to “Wow… a whole month went by.

  • jeffo

    Lovely imagery there, Dan!

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Some folks are natural bloggers, some are not. I’ve managed to keep up a fairly regular posting schedule, but I’m certainly not dropping bits of genius each and every (or, for that matter, any) time. I enjoy it, though, so I mostly find a way to get it done.

    I have noticed that most bloggers (or at least the ones I follow) see their blogductivity drop when they’re in the midst of publication stuff like revisions/edits, etc. Maybe juggling all that stuff plus blog/tweets/etc. is something you get better at with experience. I think you’ve got your priorities in order, and I’m sure your editor thinks so, too.

  • Dan Newman

    Thanks Jeff – you fall into the “natural” category… I think I’ll always be in the “dang it, this is hard to do” club. 🙂

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