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Vacation frustration

There is no faster week on the planet than the one where you’re on vacation. Continue reading


The fine art of Blurbery

Among the many things that have popped my eyebrows north during this ride to publication, is the concept of the book blurb. Perhaps I’m a little dim, but I never considered this facet – just one of many I never thought about until it was staring me in the face.  Now, I’ve read my share of these as I’m browsing for my next read, but oddly enough, I never gave the “how” of book blurbs much thought.  They were just there.  Much the way the road is just there on my way to work. Continue reading

Wow… a whole month went by.

Keeping a blog alive and well is, it turns out, pretty damn tough to do. Between getting into Twitter, a significant edit to The Clearing and a hard push on my latest, a whole month (and then some) managed to slip by. Continue reading

The Doubting Writer

A blog by Dan Newman


A blog by Dan Newman