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The Metronome

I play a little guitar – well, I mean I play a full size guitar, but I play it with only a modest degree of skill.  Okay, perhaps modest degree is too lofty a praise.  I hack away at it, and occasionally it makes pleasant noises.  Hmm, perhaps that’s still a bit of an oversell.  Let’s just agree that if guitar’s had SWAT teams, there’d be a squad of black-clad Fenders in trees and behind cars near my house, with one of them demanding the release of the hostage over a bull-horn. Continue reading


The Dreaded Platform (or lack thereof…)

Anyone who knows me has been recently victimized at some point by one of my sustained – and exceedingly annoying – woohoos.

There’s been a flurry of them lately, each punctuating a little step forward in the publishing of my book The Clearing.  It’s a significant accomplishment for me, and the various stages of the evolution of the deal (my agent telling me something promising was in the pipe… my agent calling and saying we had an honest-to-goodness offer… signing the actual contract…  beginning work with my new editor at the publisher) are all categorically woohoo-worthy. Continue reading

The Doubting Writer

A blog by Dan Newman


A blog by Dan Newman