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Why we write

This blog, like so many others out there, was born of my own interest in writing.  I write because it makes me feel good, and I get a rush from watching that page count roll on up.  But as I think about why I write – maybe why you write – it occurs to me that it might have more to do with sheer vanity. Continue reading


…and so it begins.

So there’s been a bit of activity lately.

It seems that rejection number 457 has been followed by something decidedly strange; offer number 1.  Of course, I’m maximizing the rejection count – it makes me feel like I’ve paid the proper price – that unspoken yet strictly agreed upon principal that in order for someone to actually pay attention to what you’ve spent all those nights pounding away at, you must endure an appropriate measure of pain, suffering, angst and (and this is perhaps the most important one), you must, at some point, completely give up.  Preferably at least three times. Continue reading

The Doubting Writer

A blog by Dan Newman


A blog by Dan Newman